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Holistic offerings for businesses & apartments

We believe that community is as vital to wellbeing as the practices we offer. That's why we specialize in offering yoga, fitness and sound healing classes for businesses and apartments - Where we can truly add to the value of your atmosphere, and generate deeper connections within your community.

Botanic Body Yoga works with select businesses and apartments within the Tampa Bay area to provide weekly or monthly holistic offerings for our community with the intention to generate good health, empowerment, and deeper connections.

Yoga Classes

We specialize in offering customized yoga classes that cater to all ages and skill levels, so you can be sure that every person in the room will have an empowering experience.

We're happy to provide a 60, 45, or 30 minute class on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Classes can be held in your fitness or studio centers, or outside by a pool or courtyard. Residents bring their own mats.

Fitness Classes

Functional strength training, HIIT, or pilates style workout classes can be provided for your residents in your gym or studio space.

These classes can be 60, 45, or 30 minutes, and provided on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

Cacao Ceremony

We import a very special ceremonial grade cacao from the Sierra Maya region of Guatemala. Cacao has been traditionally used for centuries as a ceremonial offering within communities to celebrate, sing, dance, and connect.

Cacao is not only a natural superfood and gentle stimulant, but also a physical and energetic heart opener. With compounds of Theobromine along with B vitamins, flavonoids and a variety of minerals, this delicious offering creates a beautiful uplifting affect for all.

Wellness Day Events

We don't only specialize in yoga, but also fitness, meditation, and sound healing - Which means that we have the tools to create an entire soiree of holistic offerings for a special wellness event in your community.

These events can include other vendors or practitioners within our network, and can be held monthly, or quarterly with new themes.

Sound Bath Meditation

Sound healing meditations are created with quartz crystal bowls that generate a beautiful, healing and meditative sound that sends the recipients minds and bodies into a state of deep healing and relaxation.

These offerings can be 20, 30, or 45 minutes, and can be provided in addition to our yoga classes or alone on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

On-Call Private Yoga Instruction

We specialize in creating customized yoga practices to meet the needs of our clients, of any age or skill level. Some benefit more from having 1 on 1 attention to their specific needs, in which case you can offer our services to your community at a discounted rate as a perk of being a part of your workplace or residency.

What Our Clients Say


Beacon 430 Apartments

"The classes provided by Botanic Body Yoga have brought a whole new depth of value to our atmosphere. Our residents love that they get to walk just steps out of their door to experience a beautiful yoga class at no cost to them. We couldn't be more grateful for these offerings."

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