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Botanic Body Yoga is a holistic community & transformational movement of awakening deeply rooted in the intention

To empower each individual with the tools to illuminate & amplify the radiance & power that is already within you.

Transformational Retreats & Practices

Curated with intention to support authentic health and wellbeing in mind, body and spirit.

Safe spaces that generate true connection, union, vitality, and sovereign, abundant living.


Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Kundalini styles of Yoga. Meditation, Sacred and Ancient Spiritual Practices and Modalities that heal and strengthen the union of mind, body and spirit. Our retreats offer experiences that empower and revitalize your connection to self, and the divinity in all of life. Curated with intuitive guidance to instill in you the knowing that everything you need to heal & transform your life lies already within you.

What our community has to say about Botanic Body Yoga

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Maria, FL

"Krysten held such a safe and sacred space for us to be open and vulnerable, to share and connect as a group. At the end of the retreat we all felt like family. She did a great job at supporting us while also pushing us to excavate and grow throughout the retreat. I will cherish these lessons and memories forever"

Retreat Testimonials

Liberate the Sacred Retreat
Guatemala, October 2023

Nora Sachs

Massage Therapist & Energy Healer, Florida

Yoga & meditation showed me that the power to change your life lies within you

When something doesn't feel right in a pose, you make an adjustment

When something doesn't feel right in your heart, you make an adjustment

When something doesn't feel right in your life, you make an adjustment

Until you find yourself in the place of alignment that feels good

My journey of healing and empowerment began in darkness. Struggling with mental illness, and experiencing the numbing effects of prescriptions and substances eventually led me to finding the practices that showed me that all true healing is fueled by our ability to listen to what our bodies are saying to us, and whole heartedly honor our needs with action. For me, the most powerful tools in my healing journey were Yoga & Meditation. This is why it has become my purpose to share these practices with the world, and empower each individual to awaken to the truth that we are all capable of healing ourselves, and creating the life we choose. 


Your ability to transform your life starts within you. It's a matter of unlearning anything that has conditioned you to believe that your power lies anywhere other than within, and reclaiming the truth that all you need lies within you already. I'm here to share the practices and offerings that empower you in creating your most abundant life by tuning in to your intuitive guidance system - the compass that exists innately within you, telling you what is right for you and what is not - and letting that guide you into alignment with your Botanic Body: your true inner nature of Sovereignty.

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Botanic Body Yoga

Botanic Body means true Sovereign nature. My offerings are curated to intentionally empower you to tune in - connect with your own body authentically - listen to what your needs are - and move from a place of alignment within you.

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Private Yoga

1 on 1 sessions with private and group clients that offer intentionally curated practices to meet your individual needs

Community retreat

Transformational Retreats

Intimate, rejuvenating and expansive retreat experiences all around the world, offering sacred practices and modalities that inspire deep healing, growth and connection


Guided Meditations

To soothe your mind and body, and guide you into a space of expansive awareness, and connection to self

Yoga instructor

Business Yoga

Bringing yoga and meditation services to your work & community spaces. Available for apartments, condos, and corporate businesses

Community gathering

Events & Ceremonies

Intimate & multi-dimensional events to generate community, connection, healing and joyful experiences

Group yoga

Group Yoga

Join a community of love, support and growth through yoga and meditation


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