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The transformational journey to activating the healing power within your body, awakening your most radiant energy, and living a healthy balanced life.

Enter a container of transformation,

conscious awakening and Auric Activation in the 1/11-2/22 portal. This first segment of the year is already a deeply transformational & fertile time for growth & metamorphosis, making it a perfect time to dive even deeper into self-study, transformational practices & inner-growth.

What does Auric Activation mean?

Awakening your strongest, healthiest, most radiant state of wellbeing.

The auric field is the body of energy that extends beyond your physical being and reflects your overall quality of wellbeing.

Inside of Auric Activation we’ll dive deeply into understanding the chakra systems, which organs & glands they govern, how to identify & address energetic imbalance, how to strengthen each chakra, and how to utilize the ancient practices of Kundalini & Mantra in a practical way to strengthen your auric field & generate radiance from within for mind, body, spirit health & wellbeing.

Imagine this reality...

You feel strong, balanced and healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically

You KNOW that you have the power within you at all times to heal yourself, and have a toolbox of practices to bring yourself back into balance any time you feel off 

You find it easy to ground ideas & inspiration into action and creation in your world

You feel FULL of healthy & powerful life force energy that fuels your mind, body and spirit on a daily basis

You feel connected to a greater power & wisdom that supports & guides you in life

You feel empowered & deeply connected to the ancient wisdom of your body, allowing you to live with a sense of safety in knowing that you always have all that you need within you


This IS the reality that you are capable
and worthy of living.

Auric Activation is for you if..

You've been experiencing physical, mental, emotional or energetic blocks that you just can't seem to figure out or resolve through your normal practices & healing methods

You're hungry to learn more about the energetic & spiritual dimensions of your body

You've already been practicing yoga & meditation for some time, and are ready to take it to a deeper level

You're feeling stagnant or stuck, and the way you've been living is just not serving you anymore

You're tired of feeling lethargic, uninspired, ungrounded or eternally burnt out and are ready to commit to practices that will revitalize your energy 

You are on a growth, healing or personal development journey and are looking for resources to deepen your self-exploration & self-care practices

You're brand new or have a basic understanding of the chakras, and want to dive deeper into understanding this part of your being and how it connects to & impacts your wellbeing


This container is for the person who is already self-aware, already committed to taking care of their body & spirit
and ready to deepen their spiritual practice & understanding of the energy body and the way it rules our physical wellbeing.

What you will receive inside of Auric Activation..

Weekly Chakra lessons that give you a deeper understanding of the connection between each chakra and the physical body: Learn which organs & glands are connected to each chakra, and how to identify imbalances

Intro to mantric science: Learn & understand how practicing mantra activates healing in the body

Simple & practical yoga & mantra practices to apply to your daily routines to balance & strengthen the chakras

Guided yoga videos specifically designed to balance & strengthen each chakra

Weekly live sessions with chakra focused yoga + mantra practices, and community connection space

One 1-on-1 personalized session with Krysten


The 7 week Auric Activation journey will open on 1/11 and end on 2/22 
Investment: $444
Payment plans available

Enroll Today:

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Kya, St. Pete FL

"The very first time I practiced Kundalini yoga was with Krysten at a sisterhood event, I had never practiced Kundalini yoga before and had only heard of it once, but Krysten’s instruction and guidance left a major impact. I was left feeling light and full of joy. Kundalini yoga is something that I will be continuing to practice ever since that first time. If you are thinking about it, follow your intuition and give it a try. Krysten holds a safe place for everyone full of love and light, you won’t regret it!"

Joanna, St. Pete FL

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