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Escape to the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains for a retreat of Nature, Connection & Exploration.

7 days of Yoga, Meditation, Hiking, Earth Medicine and Exploration in the sacred mountains of Northern Colombia.

This is our first and only annual retreat, join us and you'll see exactly why this land is so special that we return every year!

Rejuvenate in this immersive experience through ancient & sacred practices & medicines of the Earth that guide you into union with your true nature of wellbeing.

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Return to Your Roots:

Date & Location:
March 16-22nd, 2024 | Aloha Ke Akua Retreat
Sierra Nevada, Magdalena Colombia

A week long retreat in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Colombia featuring yoga, meditation, hiking, spiritual discovery, exploration, and deep community connection.

Experience the magic of the jungle, wildlife, and waterfalls of the Sierra Nevadas, and the healing that Mother Earth has to offer. Explore sacred practices, ancient ancestral medicines, modalities of healing and creating energy, and connect deeply with others through these experiences.

This journey is not for the faint of heart, we will be embarking on 3 epic hikes through the Sierra Nevada totaling in roughly 20 miles altogether! If you love to explore the Earth and activate your inner warrior, this journey is for you.


Stay in primitive mountain cabanas with open views of the Sierra Nevada, and wake to the sounds of the wildlife each morning. Fuel your body with daily practices of yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic vegetarian / vegan meals that support cleansing & balance in the body.

With daily meditation practices, and workshops on pranayama, mantra, Ayurveda, and intimate check in spaces, you will be empowered with multi-dimensional tools to illuminate your true radiance and remove the layers of illusion that separate you from your true nature of vitality.

A once in a lifetime experience to connect deeply within yourself, community, and Mother Earth for 7 days in nature. Ready? 



Yoga: Invigorating Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini and Yin practices that expand, and strengthen the mind, body and spirit, and guide you into a place of peaceful union with yourself. Practices are always catered to the unique needs of the group.

Meditation: To promote ease in the mind, and body, and cultivate deep connection with the eternal energy in all things.

Pranayama & Mantra: Explore the ancient healing & uplifting modalities of several types of breath work & the transformative effects of sound vibration through mantra.

Nature Connection: Mountain & waterfall hikes every other day, Alkaline plant-based foods, rejuvenating mud bath, and Hapé medicine ceremony.

Ayurveda: Learn the basics of Ayurveda, discover your unique Doshic balance, and how you can best support your body being in healthy balance through diet & lifestyle

Embodiment Practice: Dive deep into connection with your body in a safe container where you will be supported in moving your body through any emotions and limiting beliefs that have been stuck and preventing you from accessing your true nature of vitality. You can expect to realign in your most embodied state of unconditional love and joy, and fully release energetic blockages within your body.

Cacao Ceremony + Song Circle: Sacred heart opening medicines of Cacao and sound that nurture the heart + soul to express freely. Be a part of the process of grinding the Cacao beans into paste for the ceremony!

Connection Circles: Intimate community spaces for deep connection and reflection. Learn Thai massage techniques, and practice platonic intimacy.

Hapè Medicine Ceremony: A finely ground mapacho or tobacco snuff mixed with other plants that helps to focus and sharpen awareness, clear, and detoxify the mind, body and energetic field. Clears sinuses of mucus and bacteria, thereby helping to combat colds and respiratory ailments. Used ceremonially to cultivate a calming, grounding effect on the emotions, and profound clarity in the mind.

Pricing & Boarding:

$500 deposit required to reserve your spot while you move through the enrollment process.

Primitive Cabana Private Loft:

Top floor private space with a double bed, and open wall facing the Sierra Nevadas stunning scenery. 4-bed dorm below you.

$2,500 | Payment plan available

$4,000 for 2 in shared bed

Primitive Cabana Shared Dorm:

A rustic cabin with an open wall facing the Sierra Nevadas, with incredible sunset views.

$2,222 | Payment plan available


What's Included:

  • 6 night stay on a secluded & primitive mountain retreat & permaculture farm

  • 3 delicious, locally sourced Vegan / Vegetarian, Ayurvedic meals per day

  • Daily Yoga + Meditation offerings

  • 3 mountain hikes & exploration adventures

  • Transformational workshops

  • Unlimited supply of filtered water & herbal teas

Not Included:

  • Flight

  • Transportation to retreat center

Why Retreat with Botanic Body Yoga?

Botanic Body Yoga offers more than just a beautiful vacation escape- A fully immersive and transformational holistic "resort" experience. You get to show up, wake up to epic views and sounds of nature, enjoy incredible meals, and experience an itinerary of expansive offerings fully planned out for you.
Your work lies in simply showing up with an open heart and mind, and letting the experiences bring you back home to your true nature of vitality, and union with the divine.

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Maria, FL

"Krysten held such a safe and sacred space for us to be open and vulnerable, to share and connect as a group. At the end of the retreat we all felt like family. She did a great job at supporting us while also pushing us to excavate and grow throughout the retreat. I will cherish these lessons and memories forever"

Retreat Testimonials

Liberate the Sacred Retreat
Guatemala, October 2023

Nora Sachs

Massage Therapist & Energy Healer, St. Pete Florida

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Deposit to reserve your space: $500

Payment plan options available, email for inquiries, or other payment options to avoid processing fees (Zelle, Paypal, Venmo).

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