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Become your own healer

Learn to harness and channel the sacred healing energy within you through various styles of Yoga, Kundalini, Expansive Meditations & Qi Gong. Reclaim your sovereignty by transforming unconscious patterns & limitations. Learn Ayurveda & herbal medicine techniques to better understand & support your unique body type. Heal and restore your nervous system in a sacred Herbal Spa & Sanctuary with incredible amenities like saunas, natural pools, cold plunges and river streams in the Sacred Mayan heartland of Lake Atitlán.

The Sacred Rebirth is a process of magical metamorphosis, healing trauma, rewiring the way that you live, healing and strengthening the nervous system, and cultivating a state of being that empowers you to embody your divinity.

If you're feeling the calling within your heart, I invite you to say yes and let your soul lead the way into this journey of transformation, with our loving support & guidance you with tools, knowledge, and experiences that liberate the sacred within you to new realms of awareness

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The Sacred Rebirth:

Date & Location:
November 8th-14th, 2024 | Casa Curativa
Tzununa, Lake Atitlán Guatemala

A revolutionary journey of exploration, rebirth and liberation curated to revitalize your ability to embody your divinity and harness your own sacred energy to heal from within. Immerse in the beauty of Casa Curativa's herbal sanctuary, connect with the magical land of Lake Atitlán, restore your being with herbal medicines, and journey home to a new level of empowered, blissful being.

Learn to harness the power of your divinity, unlock the wisdom of your body, liberate yourself from stuck emotion & trauma stored in your body, and shift your vibration in the Soul Retrieval process where you will learn how to listen to and understand your body's signals in an entirely new way. Find empowerment in realizing that you have the power to look within for the answers you seek, and to release the trauma imprints that have hindered your blissful existence in any way.


Experience: Various styles of Yoga, Kundalini, Breathwork, Qi Gong and Expansive Energy Healing & Cleansing Meditation Techniques that will transform your self-awareness, and empower you to shift, harness and channel your own energy. Learn & practice Ayurveda & herbal medicine techniques, and immerse in deep restoration with herbal plant baths, saunas and natural cold plunges.

Experience Cacao ceremony and playful offerings of song circle, and dance. Enjoy a breathtaking sunrise hike overlooking Lake Atitlán. Connect intimately in community on a soul level on this sacred journey into liberation.

Our capacity to heal, expand, and transform is amplified when we come together to share the journey and be supported in community.


Ready for a life changing experience?

Keep scrolling to learn more about the offerings within this retreat in depth.

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Yoga & Qi Gong Class: Expansive Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin, Kundalini and Qi Gong practices that unify the mind, body and spirit, teach you how to harness and channel your energy to heal from within, and guide you into a place of alignment and embodiment of your divinity.

Expansive Energy Healing Practices: Practice breathwork, vocal activations and meditations to promote harmony in your mind and body, expand your awareness, connect to universal energy, and teach you how to cleanse your own energy, command protection over your being, and send divine prayers for all situations.

Soul Retrieval: Through this therapeutic trauma healing process you will cultivate the light of awareness on unconscious trauma imprints or emotional blockages that have hindered you in any way from living in bliss, ease, trust and safety, and learn how to release these patterns, bringing the parts of your soul that have been neglected back into wholeness. 

Ayurveda & Herbal Crafting Workshops: Learn to better understand your body's unique composition through the lens of Ayurveda, and craft your own herbal medicine designed specifically for your body's needs.

Sacred Intimacy: Dissolve the walls of protection that hinder blissful connection, experience intimacy practices that open the heart, soften the emotional body and cultivate deep feelings of belonging, with yourself and others. 

Cacao Ceremony + Song Circle: Sacred heart opening medicines of Cacao from Guatemala, vocal activations, songs and sounds that expand the electromagnetic field of heart + soul to channel creative life force and express freely. 

Sunrise Hike: Hike to North San Juan to an incredible view overlooking Lake Atitlán for sunrise.

Heart Expansion Circles: Intimate community spaces for deep, vulnerable connection, reflection, and expansive conversations.


About Casa Curativa & Lake Atitlán:

Lake Atitlán, the deepest lake in Central America, is tucked between 3 volcanoes and holds rich Mayan history and mystical energy. Don't worry - these volcanoes have not erupted since the 1800's, and remain dormant. Atitlán is known for its vibrant and colorful Mayan culture. Around the lake you can find 13 towns, each with their own unique essence and offerings. 

Casa Curativa is an herbal spa and sanctuary nestled in the enchanting town of Tzununa. Julia, the stewardess of the land fell in love with plants and medicine making, and devoted herself to cultivating the space for people to experience the healing power of plants in their own personal way. When she found the land that is now home to Casa Curativa, she envisioned a diverse permaculture landscape and food forest. So they set about implementing the systems that now shower the land with abundant food and beauty all year-round. Today the soil is rich and teeming with microbes, the land is rich with fungal microbes, lush gardens, sacred animals, sounds of birds chirping, and holding a foundation for many souls to come and experience rebirth, reconnection to nature, plant-medicine and healing of mind, body and soul.

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What's Included:

  • 6 night stay at Casa Curativa Herbal Spa & Oasis with sauna, cold plunge and river access

  • Herbal Plant Bath experience

  • 1:1 Soul Retrieval Guided Process for Trauma Healing

  • 2 delicious, locally sourced Vegan / Vegetarian meals per day for brunch and dinner - "breakfast" is a hearty snack & fruits

  • Daily Yoga, Energy Healing + Meditation offerings

  • 1 sunrise hike​​

  • Unlimited supply of filtered water & herbal teas

Not Included:

  • Flight

  • Transportation from the airport - though we will provide support for you to arrange safe transportation

  • Additional services such as massage or reiki

Pricing & Boarding:

$500 deposit required to reserve your spot while you move through the enrollment process.

Early bird pricing ends June 1st

Single bed in tent:

Early bird $1,750 | Full price $1,950

*4 person tent, spacious enough to stand & walk around in*

Payment plan available

Single bed in 4-bed Shared Dorm:

Early bird $2,750 | Full price $2,950

Payment plan available

Queen bed in 2-bed Shared Cabin:

Early bird $3,000 | $4,800 for 2 people

Full price $3,250 | $5,300 for 2 people

Payment plan available

King bed in 2-bed Shared Cabin:

Early bird $3,500 | $5,500 for 2 people

Full price $3,750 | $6,000 for 2 people

Payment plan available

Queen bed in Private Cabin:

Early bird $3,600 | $6,000 for 2

Full price $3,850 | $6,500 for 2

Payment plan available

Julia Casa Curativa-251.JPEG

Why Retreat with Botanic Body Yoga?

Botanic Body Yoga offers more than just a beautiful vacation escape- though we do gather in some of the most enchanting places on our planet. Botanic Body Yoga retreats offer fully immersive and transformational experience that empowers you to metamorphosize into a higher version of yourself in the loving support of community - you will never walk away from these experiences the same. You get to show up, wake up to epic views and sounds of nature, enjoy incredible meals, and experience an itinerary of expansive offerings fully planned out for you.
Your work lies in simply showing up with an open heart and mind, and letting the experiences bring you back home to your true nature of vitality, and union with the divine spirit that connects us all in unconditional love.


Danielle, FL

"Before entering the retreat I was consumed by self doubt and excuses- (after retreat) I feel so much more grounded in my life. From eating cleaner, to making myself a priority - I feel so much more in alignment with my soul. I don't think you could be in better hands than with Krysten. There's no way you could come out on the other side of one of her retreats the same."

Retreat Testimonials

Liberate the Sacred Retreat
Guatemala, October 2023

Nora Sachs

Massage Therapist & Energy Healer, Florida

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Deposit to reserve your space: $500

Payment plan options available through Affirm when you book through our site - Please be aware that there are fees added by our processing server.


To avoid added fees please email for inquiries, or alternative payment options (Zelle, Paypal, Venmo).

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