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A multi-dimensional journey set to Liberate the Sacred within you 

Explore and experience the sacred energy that lives within you through various styles of Yoga, Meditation, Hiking, Thai Massage and more - tucked away in a sacred sanctuary facing the beautiful volcanic mountain views Lake Atitlán has to offer.

The most valuable tool is self-knowledge - and in your truest nature, the most sacred energy of life is at the core of you. Allow this journey to support you with tools, knowledge, and experiences that liberate the sacred within you to new realms of awareness

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Liberate the Sacred:

Date & Location:
October 10-16th, 2023 | The Yoga Forest
San Marcos, Lake Atitlán Guatemala

A sensational journey of exploration and liberation curated to ignite, and revitalize your connection to the sacred universal energy living within you.

Explore styles of Hatha, Vinyasa, Kaula Tantra, and Yin Yoga at The Yoga Forest, a sanctuary tucked away in sacred Mayan heartland, and mountains of Lake Atitlán. Learn & practice Thai Yoga Massage techniques, and study Yoga Asana Alignment that will transform your body awareness in your practice, and everyday life.

Experience Cacao ceremony and playful offerings of song circle, and dance. Enjoy a breathtaking sunrise hike overlooking Lake Atitlán. Liberate & align fully in your sacred path in an integrative Death & Rebirth ceremony to shed layers of the self that no longer serve, and align in your highest truth. Connect intimately in community on a soul level on this sacred journey into liberation.

Our capacity to heal, expand, and transform is amplified when we come together to share the journey in community. Ready for a life changing experience?

We can't wait to share this with you.



Yoga Class: Expansive Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin, and Kaula Tantra practices that unify the mind, body and spirit, and guide you into a place of alignment with the sacred within you.

Meditation: To promote ease in the mind, and body, and cultivate deep connection with the eternal energy in all things.

Kaula Tantra Yoga: Traditional Tantra yoga class, incorporating a balance of asanas, pranayama, and rest. Tantric yoga allows you to move through your practice in a slow and gentle manor, being fully present and enjoying each moment. This is a dosha balancing series, aligning body, mind, spirit, and our chakra centers. Curated to help you connect with yourself on a deeper level, and move through life with greater ease.

Thai Yoga Massage: Tantric philosophy teaches us to slow down, be present, and fully enjoy each moment. In this class we will practice intimacy building exercises, designed to enhance deeper connections with ourselves and others. You will learn a simple Thai Yoga Massage routine, and practice giving & receiving. This is a playful and relaxing workshop, held in a gentle & safe space.

Asana Alignment & Inversions: Learn and practice "True North Alignment" - an in depth set of physical alignment cues to bring you deeper into awareness, unity and strength in the physical yoga poses, or "asanas". A workshop created to remove the "Am I doing this right?" feeling in any yoga pose. Learn strategy and alignment to apply to developing or strengthening inversions like handstands, forearm stands, and headstands.

Cacao Ceremony + Song Circle: Sacred heart opening medicines of Cacao from Guatemala, and sound that nurture the heart + soul to express freely. 

Sunrise Hike: Hike to North San Juan to an incredible view overlooking Lake Atitlán for sunrise.

Connection Circles: Intimate community spaces for deep, vulnerable connection and reflection. 


About The Yoga Forest & Lake Atitlán:

Lake Atitlán, the deepest lake in Central America, is tucked between 3 volcanoes and holds rich Mayan history and mystical energy. Don't worry - these volcanoes have not erupted since the 1800's, and remain dormant. Atitlán is known for its vibrant and colorful Mayan culture. Around the lake you can find 13 towns, each with their own unique essence and offerings. 

The Yoga Forest is a sacred sanctuary on Lake Atitlán with ancient Mayan altars and natural springs that have been protected as a natural reserve in order to honor the land and the heritage of its people. San Marcos la Laguna is a small Mayan village on Lake Atitlán in the western highlands of Guatemala. It has become a Mecca for international travelers attracted by its beauty, tranquility and diverse options for spiritual exploration and therapy. Terraced into the side of a cliff, here we can enjoy the peace and tranquility of mountains looking out over Lake Atitlán towards volcanoes San Pedro, Toliman and Atitlán. Offering a unique retreat space within a tropical forest with amazing views, comfortable beds, and delicious vegetarian meals.

Learn more about The Yoga Forest here:


What's Included:

  • 6 night stay at The Yoga Farm

  • 2 delicious, locally sourced Vegan / Vegetarian meals per day for brunch and dinner - "breakfast" is a hearty snack & fruits, additional items can be purchased if you'd like more to eat

  • Daily Yoga + Meditation offerings

  • 1 sunrise hike

  • Sauna & plant bath

  • Option to add private massage or reiki

  • Unlimited supply of filtered water & herbal teas

  • Group transportation from the airport at select times

Not Included:

  • Flight

  • Airport transportation if not able to make group shuttle

Pricing & Boarding:

$500 deposit required to reserve your spot while you move through the enrollment process.

Early bird pricing ends June 1st

Single bed in 4-bed Shared Dorm:

Early bird $1,800 | Full price $2,000

Payment plan available

Single bed in 2-bed Shared Dorm:

Early bird $1,900 | Full price $2,100 Payment plan available

Queen bed in 2-bed Shared Dorm:

Early bird $2,000 | $2,700 for 2 people

Full price $2,222 | $2,900 for 2 people

Payment plan available

Queen bed in Semi-Private Room:

Early bird $2,111 | $2,850 for 2 people

Full price $2,350 | $3,100 for 2 people

Payment plan available

Queen bed in Private Room:

Early bird $2,222 | $3,000 for 2

Full price $2,600 | $3,333 for 2

Payment plan available


Why Retreat with Botanic Body Yoga?

Botanic Body Yoga offers more than just a beautiful vacation escape- A fully immersive and transformational holistic "resort" experience. You get to show up, wake up to epic views and sounds of nature, enjoy incredible meals, and experience an itinerary of expansive offerings fully planned out for you.
Your work lies in simply showing up with an open heart and mind, and letting the experiences bring you back home to your true nature of vitality, and union with the divine spirit that connects us all in unconditional love.

Retreat Testimonials

Return to Your Roots Retreat
Sierra Nevada, Colombia 2023

Michelle Estevez

Entrepreneur, St. Pete Florida

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Deposit to reserve your space: $500

Payment plan options available, email for inquiries, or other payment options (Zelle, Paypal, Venmo).

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