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Retreat Testimonials

Liberate the Sacred Retreat
Guatemala, October 2023

Nora Sachs

Massage Therapist & Energy Healer, Florida

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Maria, FL

"Krysten held such a safe and sacred space for us to be open and vulnerable, to share and connect as a group. At the end of the retreat we all felt like family. She did a great job at supporting us while also pushing us to excavate and grow throughout the retreat. I will cherish these lessons and memories forever"


What was Krysten like to work with? How is she different from other coaches / instructors / leaders you’ve worked with previously?

"I’ve been practicing yoga for ten years in group classes and following online teachers. Working with Krysten was my first one on one opportunity and I have to say it was wonderful. She’d ask what I was seeking that day and then perfectly tailor the practice. She checked in before and after each session and give her own feedback of my progress toward my own goals and intentions, but also seek mine. It felt collaborative in the best way. And she is incredibly kind and authentic.


My sessions with her were definitely about me and us and not about a class, or “winning” at yoga, or anything outside."

Can you explain the essence / energy of what Krysten offers, from your experience in a few sentences?

"Kind, personalized, expert practice guidance. You feel that she’s taking note of your progress, energy, and spirit throughout and completely present with you, rather than zipping through a pre-planned practice she’d had in mind."

How has your relationship with yourself and your body shifted from working with Krysten?

"When I started with Krysten I was coming off years of being physically, emotionally, and spiritually beaten and drained. I told her I needed nurturing and to build slowly. I told her the specific things that were challenges for me. She heard me and we worked the way I wanted, at my pace, and focusing on what I needed. After six months I was far stronger, more flexible, and peaceful. My progress surprised and enriched me."

What would you say to someone thinking about working with Krysten?


"Do it! If you want to engage in a practice that connects your mind, body, and spirit the way YOU want them to be,  or how anyone else want them to be, she is an excellent teacher and guide."


Any other feedback you’d like to share?


"I never felt like I was having anything forced upon me. She always went with what I felt and wanted. That made a big difference. I felt heard."


How has your experience been working with Krysten?


"Thanks for leading us on our journey!  (Krysten) has been observant and sensitive to our direction, and we look forward to our practice with her.  In both class and private session, her direction and lead is clear, and she tunes in to the mood and needs of the day.  

We have also benefited because of her knowledge and experience with different aspects of yoga, and that has enriched us and added much energy to our progress.  

In practice with Krysten, we have added new unexpected insights beyond our original thinking because of the Equinox sound bath event, and Reiki.  She also seems to understand that each path is different, and so we all breathe and “let it go” in individual ways, but also together."


Return to Your Roots Retreat | Colombia, May 2023

If you are thinking about attending a retreat hosted by Krysten, I would say listen to your heart and leap into the unknown!

This was my first time participating in a week long yoga retreat. The talent and passion she brings to the yoga flow is perfection, I would not hesitate twice about attending another retreat of hers. For me this retreat also opened me up to a whole new country, its culture, the native land and people.

Krysten's retreat has been a beautiful experience, allowing me to connect more deeply to my authentic self, to open my heart and relax the mind. She has a deep passion for helping people release tension from within the body, returning to their roots and embodying who you truly are!

I would highly recommend considering a Botanic Body Yoga Retreat with Krysten! It can be magical experience of returning to the self and transformation!


Creation Sanctuary Retreat | Colombia, January 2023


What was Krysten like to work with? 

What surprised me most about Krysten was the speed at which she was able to create a safe and nurturing space where I felt at ease. She was able to do this from the first moments of the retreat. She also leads from a place of vulnerability which is truly inspiring.


Can you explain the essence / energy of what Krysten’s retreat offers, from your experience?

Gentle and nurturing, meeting you where you are and then leading you to self-healing. 


How has your relationship with yourself / your soul / your spiritual connection shifted from this experience?

The retreat allowed me to drop back into my authentic self and connect with what I value most. 


What would you say to someone thinking about working with Krysten or attending a Botanic Body Yoga retreat?

Do it! Be open and let the experience ease you back home to yourself.


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