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Join us again in 2025

Escape to the mountains to activate the power of the Wild Woman within you 

 6 days in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains with cycle-syncing yoga and embodiment practices designed to empower & awaken. Harnessing the energy of spring time, we will nourish, open, and flourish the sacred spirit within.

As women we have been conditioned to hush our emotions and mask the nature of who we are - Wild Woman Awakening is a reclamation of our right to joyful expression by removing the conditioning that has disconnected us from our power, and activating the true nature of the Wild Woman within.

Like the snow melts away to uncover the fertile Earth for flowers to bloom, we alchemize all that is no longer serving  to uncover the fertile spirit ready to bloom within.

This retreat is for you if...

You are feeling stuck and stagnant in life

You have done personal development & spiritual work, and you're looking for something deeper that can take you to the next level

You desire to feel more energized, inspired and at home in your body

You desire to own your fullest, most authentic expression

You crave to feel empowered in who you are, in your uniqueness, and in your purpose

You are craving a tribe of sisters that can support you in your expansion and growth

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Wild Woman Awakening:

Date & Location:
May 10-15th, 2024 | Brevard, North Carolina

A reclamation of our true nature and right to live a joyful and embodied life as women through ancient & sacred yogic modalities, somatic embodiment practices, vulnerable and empowering connection, time in nature, and more.

Explore Hatha, Kundalini and Yin styles of yoga, and learn more about how to sync your asana practice to your specific needs through the phases of your hormonal cycle as a woman. Experience the power and alchemy of daily embodiment practices that empower you to release emotional energy & limiting beliefs stored in the body that are no longer serving you, and realign in your true state of unconditional love and joy.

Experience the meditative & vibrational magic of pranayama, mantra, and sound bath. Enjoy beautiful hikes to epic waterfalls, and waking up to the abundant energy of spring in the Blue Ridge mountains every morning. Learn to express & release fully in Sacred Rage practice that will equip you with tools to alchemize the emotions that become blocked in the body, so you can live in clarity to experience your highest capacity of joy in life. Connect intimately with other women in daily Sacred Sisterhood connection circles, and learn to be in rhythmic harmony with your body in our cycle-syncing workshops.

Our capacity to heal, expand, and transform is amplified when we come together to share the journey in community. Ready for a life changing experience?

We can't wait to share this with you :)



Yoga Class: Expansive Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, and Yin practices that unify the mind, body and spirit, and guide you into deep union with your beautiful body & sacred spirit. Learn more about what style of yoga will best serve you at different times of your hormonal cycle.

Embodiment Practice: Dive deep into connection with your body in a safe container where you will be supported in moving your body through any emotions and limiting beliefs that have been stuck and preventing you from accessing your true nature of vitality. You can expect to realign in your most embodied state of unconditional love and joy, and fully release energetic blockages within your body.

Sacred Sisterhood Connection Circles: Intimate community spaces that cultivate deep, vulnerable tribe connections & a safe container for exploration and reflection of the self through community.

Pranayama & Mantra Practices: Experience the vibrational power of these ancient modalities designed to illuminate your natural state of radiance, move energy through the body & strengthen the auric field

Sound Bath Meditation: Experience the healing power of sound which promotes ease in the mind, and body to cultivate deep connection with the eternal energy in all things.

Sacred Rage Practice: Allow yourself to explore untamed expression of sacred rage in a safe container where you can release and alchemize the energies of anger, rage, and shame in a healthy way that will leave you feeling light and rejuvenated. You can expect to learn tools that you can take with you to continue to release emotional energy in a healthy way and continue to embody your highest self

Cacao + Hapè Ceremony: Sacred heart opening medicines of Cacao from Guatemala, paired with the grounding and clearing plant-medicine of Hapè an herbal snuff consisting of ground tobacco and herbs used traditionally in ceremony to clear the energy field and ground into the body.

Waterfall Hike: Hike through the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains to a captivating waterfall for soul rejuvenation in nature, and experience the abundant magic of spring.

Cycle Syncing & Elemental Constitution Workshops: Learn more about the rhythms of your feminine cycle, and how to best live in harmony with the cyclical nature of your body. Develop a deeper understanding of your unique elemental constitution through the lense of Ayurveda, to amplify your self-knowledge & understanding of your nature, so you can learn how to maintain harmonious balance in your life.


What's Included:

  • 5 night all-inclusive stay at a beautiful home in the Blue Ridge Mountains with mountain access, a hot tub and beautiful views

  • 3 delicious, organic meals per day

  • Daily Yoga, Embodiment practice, Workshops & Expansive Activities

  • 1 waterfall hike

  • Unlimited supply of filtered water & herbal teas

  • Group transportation from the airport at select times

Not Included:

  • Flight

  • Airport transportation if not able to make group shuttle


Pricing & Boarding:


Why Retreat with Botanic Body Yoga?

Botanic Body Yoga offers more than just a beautiful vacation escape or basic yoga retreat- Our retreats serve a fully immersive and transformational holistic "resort" experience. You get to show up, wake up to epic views and sounds of nature, enjoy nutritious and delicious meals, and experience an itinerary of expansive offerings fully planned out for you.
Your work lies in simply showing up with an open heart and mind, and letting the experiences bring you back home to your true nature of bliss, and union with the divine spirit that connects us all.

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Maria, FL

"Krysten held such a safe and sacred space for us to be open and vulnerable, to share and connect as a group. At the end of the retreat we all felt like family. She did a great job at supporting us while also pushing us to excavate and grow throughout the retreat. I will cherish these lessons and memories forever"

Retreat Testimonials

Return to Your Roots Retreat
Sierra Nevada, Colombia 2023

Michelle Estevez

Entrepreneur, St. Pete Florida

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Deposit to reserve your space: $500

Payment plan options available, email for inquiries, or other payment options (Zelle, Paypal, Venmo).

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