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Weekend Camping Retreat
Nutrition for Mind Body Spirit

Join us for a fully inclusive weekend retreat of nutritional education, and expansive experiences in St. Augustine.

Ignite your spirit with new knowledge, awareness and activity in workshops on yoga, fermented foods, nutritional herbalism, fire dancing and more!



Practical Herbalism: "Do It Yourself" medicine knowledge that every person can benefit from and use. This class will be an overview of what you need to safely start working with medicinal plants, the basics of herbalism, and crafting your own self tailored herbal medicines to gain better control of your health and wellness. 

Fermented Foods: Learn how to make your own “lacto-fermented vegetables” (aka kraut or kimchi in other cultures) - and make and take your own fresh cultured food home with you!

Emotional Alchemy: Learn, experience and observe practices of emotional awareness, release, and alchemy to free the body from stored emotional energy or blockages.

Intro to Fire Dancing: 

An introductory playshop involving active movement, beginner poi techniques, and other fire dancing/flow props. Offering education on:
- How to be a good safety, in detail. 
- What to wear 
- How to extinguish a lit prop
- Opportunity to burn when properly educated!



Yoga: Invigorating practices that strengthen the mind, body and spirit, and guide you into a place of peaceful union with yourself.

Meditation: To promote ease in the mind, and body, and cultivate deep connection with the eternal energy in all things.

Cacao + Song Circle: Sacred heart opening medicines that nurture the soul to express freely.

Ecstatic Dance: Free movement and creative energy release that feeds the inner child spirit.

Connection Circles: Intimate community spaces for deep connection and reflection.

Meet your hosts

Book your spot

Full Weekend Pass with Camping: $333

Includes 3 meals per day, camping spot, and all offerings. Access to indoor bathroom & shower available. *Bring your own tent.

Locals are welcome to commute

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