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An intimate heart-centered weekend retreat experience

This unique transformational retreat will offer a beautiful space for rejuvenation of the mind, body, heart and spirit. Including morning yoga and meditation to ground us into our bodies and create union within, followed by intimate connection circles, and fully plant based, nourishing meals. Special offerings include a deeply meditative sound bath, Cacao + Rapé Ceremony, and an intimate guided mushroom journey intended to awaken and activate the power of the heart to heal and rejuvenate.

Hosted at a spacious private property with a pool and outdoor patio where we will experience most of our offerings. Below, you can read more about why we chose the medicines of mushrooms, Cacao, and Rapé to offer in this experience.

Why Mushrooms?

When using a high dose of mushrooms,  the plant medicine starts working from the inside out. It will find where trauma is stored in the body and help to bring it to the surface. Once at surface level, we can sit with our trauma and fully feel our emotions. Once we acknowledge our emotions, we are able to fully let our trauma go and start to heal ourselves on a whole different level. This medicine can help rid us of addiction, anxiety, ptsd, depression, and so much more. 

We experience a process called neuroplasticity in which the brain develops new cellular connections. This will boost our mentality, mood, energy, focus, creative state, attention, social skills, serotonin activations, capabilities, and give us an uplifting outlook on life. The plant medicine will guide us to live present so we can stop pondering in the past or worrying about the future. 

We will experience a death and rebirth process. Purging what no longer serves us. Shedding old versions of ourselves and releasing trauma will make it possible to be reborn again into the new aligned versions of ourselves. This process will make it possible to magnetize what is truly meant for us into our lives.


Cacao & Rapé 

Rapé is a finely ground mapacho or tobacco snuff mixed with other plants that helps to focus and sharpen awareness, clear, and detoxify the mind, body and energetic field. Clears sinuses of mucus and bacteria, thereby helping to combat colds and respiratory ailments. This sacred plant medicine is traditionally used ceremonially to cultivate a calming, grounding effect on the emotions, and profound clarity in the mind.

Cacao is not only a superfood packed with vitamins and antioxidants, but also a beautiful heart opener traditionally used in ceremony with song, dance and intimate connection. Cacao physically opens the valves of the heart with its natural Theobromine content, supporting the energetic and spiritual opening of the heart.

Reserve your spot

This is an intentionally small and intimate retreat, allowing for 6 attendees. Book your spot today to be a part of this transformative journey.

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